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Protect Your Perinatal Mental Health.

Perinatal mental health impacts up to 20% of the UK birthing population, approximately 120,000+ expectant mothers. Stress, overwhelming anxiety and depression are leading causes affecting the growth and well-being of mothers and their unborn babies before and after birth.

You are not alone! Seek further support by pressing the button below to explore how to stay on track with your objectives in this pregnancy-to-mothering experience.  

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As your virtual mentor, I offer you emotional support, information and skills across each trimester to implement now and postbirth.

I'm with you all the way, ensuring you achieve your goals for this mothering experience.


Perinatal Mentoring Services

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What Is A PMH Doula?

A non-physician service to help improve perinatal health outcomes and experiences, a doula is not a midwife (birth catcher) but a birth keeper.

Why hire a Perinatal Doula?


  • A doula offers information and guidance that helps reduce medical interventions in childbirth and postpartum care.

  • Their presence may lower the risk of premature births, stillbirths or neonatal death outcomes.

  • They are often considered birth companions and support for women and their birthing partners during this vulnerable time.

  • The presence of a doula may lower your risk of a Cesarean section.

  • Overall, we're chosen birth keepers who assist in improving your motherhood experience and parental bonding.

Additionally, Conscious Mothers mentoring offers:


  • Emotional and physical mindset preparation for the journey ahead.

  • I help you to advocate your birth choices based on evidence and experience.

  • Holistic support with labour/birth preparation techniques.

  • I offer an opportunity to reflect and review the evidence.

  • As well as take the time to debrief on any traumatic pregnancies or birthing experiences.

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