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Grow, Nurture And Evolve This
Mothering Experience.

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Ms K.H

My pregnancy was quite unique, I had  quite a few obstacles along the way nonetheless Kay was outstanding!

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Miss F.C

I was very anxious after a previous third degree tear , I had many concerns about this delivery opting for the In-person doula service, allowed me to address my concerns, and remain focused on the task ahead.

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Miss D.O

I've grown in confidence since being with Conscious Mothers and I'm throughly enjoying all the knowledge I'm learning.

At Conscious Mothers Ltd, we understand that the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting comprises many overwhelming variables; therefore, we listen to you and move forward with mothers-to-be by providing connection, consistency and guidance that serve your vision and well-being needs during this time.

We provide maternal and emotional awareness strategies to support you while transitioning across trimesters, birth and up to 6  months postbirth. Our holistic approach includes continuity to expectant families birthing in London and surrounding areas. 

Helping you confidently navigate your wellness requirements and that of your unborn babies during this pregnancy to parenting experience.

Hire A Doula!

Are you ready to reduce the stress or anxiety faced in this pregnancy experience?


Our virtual and in-person continuity services offer emotional guidance to help families with re-framing any misinformation through talk therapy to help reduce stress and surfacing anxieties that can impact health outcomes in birthing communities.

We focus on opportunities to create the right environment for family nurturing and advocacy across each trimester to implement now and post-birth.

At Conscious Mothers Ltd, we have over 12 years of experience contributing to the benefits of continuity, emotional awareness and birthing success outcomes.


We guarantee you will focus on your goals for this mothering experience and help you adapt to internal and external factors in this pregnancy experience and beyond.

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Only 2 In-Person Birth Doula Spots Left For 2023



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What Does A Doula Do?

We're a non-physician service here to help improve maternal and infant health outcomes and experiences.


A doula is not a midwife (birth catcher) but a birth keeper supporting the transition into motherhood.

Conscious Mothers Doula Services Offer:


  • Culturally  sensitive support.

  • Mindfulness preparation for the journey ahead.​

  • This service provides the opportunity to discuss concerns and anxieties across all trimesters.

  • I help you to advocate your birth choices based on your holistic well-being, evidence and experience.

  •  Emotional and physical support with labour/birth preparation techniques.

  • I offer an opportunity to reflect and review the evidence.

  • As well as take the time to debrief on any challanging/traumatic pregnancies or birthing experiences.

Conscious Mothers 

2022 Results 


  • 99.9% of mothers who commited to our mentoring programme birthed >37 weeks gestation (at term).

  • They all birthed their newborn (alive infant) vaginal or belly birth.

  • Birth weight recorded within normal range >2500g and <4000g.

  • We found 85% of our expectant mothers seeking our services were having their second or third baby.

  • 75% felt more confident in advocating their needs throughout their antenatal, birth and postnatal care.


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