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Young Couple Expecting


Your baby awaits meeting you and can be born from 37 weeks to 41 weeks. Our childbirth attendant classes help to manage expectations for this birth experience. Across the 60-minute sessions, we will discuss, learn, laugh, and get excited about your next chapter. 

(Our classes are limited group sessions with a maximum of 5 participants; birthing attendants are required).

Birthing Room

Session 01

Address Key Areas Of The Birth Process.

You were made to birth!

Join me in learning the anatomy and physiology of birth and the mechanisms required to help achieve a calm and connected state to improve the chances of a physiological or gentle C-section birth.

Session 02

Birthing and Pain Relief Options

Discuss the myths and facts regarding your birth choices to help you reflect, enabling you to make informed decisions when you reach this crossroads.

Pregnancy Exercise

Session 03

Getting To Know Your Newborn

Across this session, you will learn the skills and tips to help you prepare and care for your needs and your newborn in the first five days of life. Learn from real-life case studies to identify how you can feel prepared for life at home with a newborn.

Session 04

Managing Expectations For Birth And Postpartum 

1;1 Labour preparation call to discuss your individualised circumstances and help guide you and your birthing partner in preparation for birth. Q&A opportunity for all Conscious Mothers clients.

I'm still here if you need me. Post-birth, you can join my postnatal group sessions to get help and support when you need it. Support is just one click away.

Birth Doula with Couple
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