Conscious Awareness

If you've clicked the Conscious Awareness package, you are in a headspace thinking about conceiving or planning the next stage. Some of you may be feeling like conception is an uphill struggle.

Please take a moment, take a deep breath, and read the following 4 mindset sessions we will cover across our 1;1, 8-week fertility sessions to assist you in success in this journey.

Contraception options e.g. condoms and birth control pills

Session 01

Contraception 101

Across this session, you and I will take the time to explore your history (reproductive, sexual and contraceptive).  Understanding key areas will create a focused approach as we progress through this process; together, we can work with a precise action plan to help.

Session 02

Menstrual & Ovulation Cycles

Learn and discuss key steps of conception, your cycle and how hormonal balance plays its part in maintaining a healthy environment for growth and nurturing your baby in utero.

We use this module to reflect and rule out or in your options.

Alcohol in pregnancy

Session 03

Habitual Behaviours

The process of cultivating new life can prove enlightening for expectant mothers. Take this time to discuss any habitual habits or behaviours you’ve had for years and identify how it would be beneficial to reduce and stop them, improving your chances of conception and increasing your pregnancy and birth outcomes.


Use our mentoring sessions to help implement a strategy to overcome or kick a habit.

Session 04

Pregnant- Now What?

Congratulations, you've come this far, and you are now pregnant. The journey may have felt like hard work, and now a relief knowing you're pregnant.


You potentially have an additional 36 weeks to grow,  nurture and give birth to your baby.

I've supported you this far and want to see you go all the way; I'm emotionally invested and ready to witness you go from strength to strength as you become a Conscious Mother.

Are you ready? It's time to book our pregnancy mentoring package today.

Pregnancy test in a gift box