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We offer pregnancy-to-parenting health and wellness mindset solutions for mothers-to-be in London, UK.
We assist in closing the gap on perinatal health inequities and improving maternal and infant outcomes.
By fostering our support, expectant mothers can overcome their fears and work towards achieving their mothering breakthroughs.

Online Doula Services

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How We Help

About Us

My name is Kay (CM Founder)

We're a holistic doula service that meets marginalised pregnant mothers where they are. We exist to help mothers-to-be balance the transition from pregnancy to parenting and achieve their desires as they become mothers and mothers again.


Our approach focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. We connect with our mothers and support them in birth through maternal intuition, knowledge, and wisdom.


We want all women to feel seen and heard during this transition to motherhood, enabling mothers to give birth and become parents with confidence.

This is why we help guide you in what can often feel like the unknown and assist you with talk therapy methods, which help improve maternal knowledge; we discuss the evidence surrounding this pregnancy and, as a result, improve the mothering journey here in the UK.

We are physical and emotional wellness for mothers-to-be through to the fourth trimester!

CM Founder Pregnancy Wellness Mentor

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Akwụkwọ nkata

Dị ka gịonye ndu, M na-enye gịmmetụta uche ịdị mmanaozi ozioge site na £ 25.00 gbagoo.

Anọ m na gị n'ụzọ niile, na-eme ka ị nweta nke ahụkacha mmanneahụmahụ.

Birth Doula Support UK  Locations:

  • Lewisham Borough

  • Bromley Borough

  • Southwark Borough

  • Lambeth Borough

 Take The First Step- Get in touch.

We will be in touch within 12 hours.

Our Birth Doula Packages

A 'Conscious Mother's doula gets to know you, your birth attendants, your mindset for birth, and your vision for this birthing experience from as early as 20 weeks gestation.

This connection ensures we move forward in alignment with your desires and helps us stay ahead of your birthing plan whilst supporting you as you navigate your maternal care, enabling you to self-advocate your needs confidently. You will have access to your doula along this journey and for any Q&As and on-call services a week before due dates and up to two weeks post-term, ensuring you are our priority.

Pregnancy Wellness
  • 45-minute 1 to 1 discovery call & birth plan.

  •  In-person meet & greet at your home with or without birth attendants.

  • Unlimited calls and texts during the birthing window for well-being.

  • Blocked diary dates up to 3 weeks during EDD.

Pregnancy walks.jpg
  • * Includes Silver package plus four 30-minute well-being calls from current gestation.

  • Access to a doula to share evidenced-based research relating to this pregnancy.

  • Online antenatal education session.

pregnant couple.jpg
  • * Includes Silver and Gold packages plus 2 extra 45-minute pregnancy mentoring sessions.

  • A postnatal visit in person, with tips to care for your newborn.

  • Postnatal walk post-birth in a local park near you for a debrief and catch-up (>day 14).

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Seeking A Birth Doula For 2024

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At Conscious Mothers Ltd, we understand that the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting comprises many variables; therefore, we listen to you and move forward with mothers-to-be by providing a holistic connection, consistency and guidance that serve your vision and well-being needs during this time.

We provide holistic health and emotional awareness strategies to support you while transitioning across trimesters, birth and up to 6 months postbirth.


Our holistic approach includes continuity for expectant families birthing in London and surrounding areas. 

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Enyere ọrụ Doula

Nkà na Ahụmahụ


Antenatal and 




Breast Feeding



Delivered Births


Baby Bump

Kedu ihe bụ Doula?

Ọrụ na-abụghị dọkịtanyere aka kwalite nne ahụikensonaazụ na ahụmịhe, doula abụghị midwife (nwa nwude) ma aonye na-elekọta nwa.

Na mgbakwunye, ndụmọdụ ndị nne Conscious na-enye:


  • Mmetụta mmetụta uchenauche anụ ahụnkwadebe maka njem n'ihu.

  • M na-enyere gị akana-akwadonke gịnhọrọ ọmụmụdabere naihe akaebenaahụmahụ.

  • Nke zuru okenkwado site n'ịrụ ọrụ/ọmụmụusoro nkwadebe.

  • Ana m enye oheretụgharịa uchenanyochaankeihe akaebe.

  • Ya mere wepụta ogenkọwana traumatic ọ bụlaime imema ọ bụahụmahụ ọmụmụ.

Kedu ihe Doula na-eme?


  • A doula na-enyeozinanduzi nke na-enyere akabelata enyemaka ahụikena ịmụ nwa na nlekọta ọmụmụ.

  • Ọnụnọ ha  nwere ikebelata ihe ize ndụnkeịmụ nwa nke anwụghị anwụma ọ bụọnwụ ọhụrụnsonaazụ.

  • A na-ewerekarị ha dị kandị enyi ọmụmụna nkwado makaụmụ nwanyịnandị mmekọ ọmụmụ han'oge a na-adịghị ike.

  • Ọnụnọ nke doula nwere ikealaihe ize ndụ gịngalaba Cesarean.

  • N'ozuzu, anyị bụahọpụtara ndị mụrụ nwaonye na-enyere akaimeziwanyenke gịahụmahụ nnenanjikọ nne na nna.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Ms K.H

My pregnancy was quite unique, I had  quite a few obstacles along the way nonetheless Kay was outstanding!

BAME  mother in birthing pool of water..jpg

Miss F.C

I was very anxious after a previous third degree tear , I had many concerns about this delivery opting for the In-person doula service, allowed me to address my concerns, and remain focused on the task ahead.

Doula Therapist Care And Treatment For Pregnant Couple.jpg

Miss D.O

I've grown in confidence since being with Conscious Mothers and I'm throughly enjoying all the knowledge I'm learning.

Pregnancy Exercise





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