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'Here at Conscious Mothers, we're on hand to help you stay focused on your mothering transition and its outcomes this pregnancy to parenting journey.'

- Conscious Mothers Founder

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Hi, I'm Kay,

Conscious Mothers Founder

I've spent several years in the mothering community volunteering my skills, expertise and gift for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

My BSc in Health Sciences has enabled me to be mentored and gain experiences from over 66 NHS multidisciplinary staff members and meet and provide care to over 500 families.  

The above experiences enhanced my observation and listening skills of the voices of expectant mothers (their pain points) whilst also following trending behaviours and outcomes as women and their families transition into parenting.

I started this platform to address the common themes and gaps impacting the mothering experiences and to 'hold space' for expectant mothers who wish to take control and get ahead of their emotional and physical challenges that present across trimesters, addressing any surfacing feelings of vulnerability from as early as 20 weeks up to 6 months post-birth.

As a mother myself twice over and after observing my mother's lived experience of postpartum psychosis, which led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I've lived through and can genuinely empathise with the challenges that present during each trimester and the importance of addressing any challenges or belief systems that you're experiencing as you find your identity in your mothering role.


No two maternal journeys are the same, and our needs are individual. Therefore, I've provided this platform to empower women in their maternal transitions and help reduce risks that may present as symptoms, proceed to interventions, and possibly result in long-term trauma.  

My commitment here at Conscious Mothers aims to facilitate self-awareness and drive self-belief techniques that help you identify your core capabilities through education, information and self-reflection strategies.


In addition, I'm here to help you remain in control, 'of this pregnancy,' and empower you to make informed decisions to help navigate your mothering experience with confidence

Professional Experience

  • Several years professional clinical expeirence (trained as a midwife).

  • I've facilitated water and land; assisted C-section births.

  • I'm a vaginal birth catcher to 44 babies and a birth companion to an additional 16 mothers.

  • Mother of two birth experiences.


  • BSc Health Sciences Degree

  • Level 2 Food and Hygiene Certified

  • NCFE CACHE Counselling Skills

  • Indian Head Massage Skills

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