How To Breastfeed In A Heatwave

Summer has very much arrived, with mums now able to show off their babies’ gorgeous chubby knees and enjoy family picnics in the sun. However, it is also important to be extra careful when there is a heatwave, particularly if you are breastfeeding. Here are some tips on nursing when the temperature soars: Do not give water Though you might worry your little one will get dehydrated in the heat, it is important not to give babies under six months water, as this could cause an imbalance in their kidneys. Speaking to Yahoo!, pharmacist Abbas Kanani said: “Kidneys are also too immature in infants under six months and water can cause intoxication as a result of an imbalance in electrolytes such as sodium.” Water could, therefore, dilute sodium levels in the body, which can result in brain swelling, seizures, or even death. What’s more, by offering water, fills the baby up on an inferior form of nutrition and may affect your milk supply.

Feed on demand Instead, nursing mothers should feed their babies on demand, which may mean any schedule you have goes out of the window for a few days, as your little one demands more feeds, possibly for a shorter amount of time.

Breastmilk actually changes composition when it is hot, and it has a higher water content to meet the baby’s demands. Drink plenty of water Breastfeeding can be a thirsty business, so it is important that nursing mums drink plenty of water themselves. Remind yourself to keep hydrated by drinking a glass of water whenever you feed and stock up on foods with high water content, such as frozen or fresh fruit. For postnatal care, get in touch today.


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