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How To Cool Down In Summer When Pregnant

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The summer sunshine might once have put a big smile on your face, but for a lot of

pregnant women, the thought of the thermometer rising makes them want to sit in an

ice-cold bath till the heatwave has passed.

Indeed, most women tend to feel hotter than usual when pregnant, so the forecast of

40C is likely to be unbearable news for all expecting soon.

While it is not possible to stop this recent heatwave in its tracks, the record-breaking

temperatures could feel a little more bearable by following some cooling tips.

For a start, avoid heading outside during the hottest part of the day. Even though it is

likely to be warm from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, these times will

be significantly cooler than during the midday heat.

The Mummy Bubble also recommends drinking lots of water by carrying a big bottle

around with plenty of ice. Don’t forget to get your hands on a fan before

they all sell out as well, as you’ll need it more than most during a heatwave.

Tower fans are recommended as they are more powerful and effective than standard

ones, and if that doesn’t cool you down, wet flannel and place it on your body while in

front of the cold air.

Make sure you wear lightweight fabrics that do not cling to you, as that will make you feel even more uncomfortable.

Cotton flowy dresses, stretchy bras and large roomy knickers are ideal

for this weather.

Ladies who already have children will, no doubt, be getting the paddling pool out, but

don’t let the kids steal it all for themselves. Stand in the cold water to relieve swollen

feet, or even submerge yourself in it – if you’re sure you can stand up again without


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