Why Hire A Doula?

Updated: Sep 8

If you are expecting a child, this will be a time of excitement but also one of trepidation, especially if this is going to be the first time you give birth. That means you will be needing lots of support when the time is approaching and on the day itself.

While there will be a midwife on hand and no doubt some friends and family who can offer the benefits of their experience, a doula can provide invaluable extra support, which is why many expectant mums will hire one.

A doula is defined as an individual who provides personal support to an expectant mum before, during, and after birth. This may sound like the job description of a midwife, but it is not. While the Midwife will deal with the clinical side of things, a doula offers moral and personal support, which includes helping parents learn to look after a new baby in various ways.

Some doulas can cover the whole period from pregnancy to post-natal times, while others specifically offer birthing or post-natal support.

The question many will ask is whether there is a need to hire a doula in the UK. Some may consider the combination of clinical expertise and the support of family and friends to be enough, but there are others who will happily confirm there is much to gain from this extra level of support.

For instance, as Women’s Health notes, research has shown that having a doula on hand has led to significantly better outcomes. This includes a 50 per cent lower rate of pregnancies ending in Caesarean sections, 60 per cent lower demand for epidurals, 30 per cent lower use of forceps and 25 per cent shorter labours on average.

Knowing this can make the whole experience much less stressful both for the mother and also her nearest and dearest.

In short, by hiring a doula, you have extra support that will both make the whole process easier and less scary, and the birth itself likely to go much more smoothly.


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