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Pregnancy Mentoring Sessions

Pregnancy mentoring, aka our Conscious Mindfulness package, is a commitment to acknowledging your pregnancy needs and growth and development goals. 

Our 1-to-1 sessions help expectant mothers explore their objectives and move forward in managing their thoughts, feelings, and expectations for this pregnancy and birth experience.

This service is created with you in mind (ideal if you're pregnant at 20-35 weeks).

Pregnancy wellness

Session 01

How To Stay Focused On Your Dietary Requirements?

We will discuss and identify what foods will best support you in this journey based on your dietary and medical needs and keep track of hydration. We will review your general health and learn the value of supplement intake and what foods to increase or cut down. 

Session 02

Address Your Physical Needs

This session focuses on addressing physical needs during pregnancy, e.g. intimacy and routine exercise, and offers solutions based on your needs and well-being across each trimester.

Pregnancy Exercise
Muslim Pregnancy

Session 03

Identify How To Set Boundaries In Pregnancy to Postbirth.

Map out how to have those difficult conversations in advance, e.g. Discuss when to tell family, friends, co-workers your employer you're pregnant.


Explore strategies to help advocate your wants when making informed decisions regarding your maternal health with your hospital trust and identify how to navigate your birth options.

Discuss your plans for postpartum boundaries.

Session 04

Holistic Therapies

Navigating pregnancy symptoms can feel like a minefield; it's essential to remain calm and present rather than fearful and overwhelmed.


Discuss the benefits of holistic therapies to cope with specific physical symptoms in this pregnancy or as an alternative for relaxation (pain) relief techniques in labour.

Please don't forget to book your childbirth classes from 32 weeks gestation.

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