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Ms D

As a second time mother but with a huge gap, kayley has very much given me the knowledge I was lacking, she's very kind, warm and welcoming just what I needed.

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Mrs and Mr Y

We decided to invest in antenatal education as there was an admin error with our first encounter with NHS services (during our first pregnancy). I left it a little late this pregnancy but still found use of the tips kay was able to offer during this birth experience. 

Father with Newborn Baby

Mrs D

Kay took the time to hear our wants and need's along our journey.

Just having her support from a distance helped us get our homebirth  and stay focused on my health until the end when we birthed a healthy baby girl. Support beyond words X

Expecting Couple

Mrs C

Even though we were under NHS maternal healthcare for this our third baby I knew I struggled postnatally in my second pregnancy and this impacted our experience afterbirth. I found this unique motherhood well-being service of great benefit in managing emotions in pregnancy and postnatally.

Newborn Baby

Mrs K

This was not our first pregnancy but our rainbow baby after pregnancy loss, Kay's attention to detail and encouragement kept us focused and contributed to the birth of our baby boy at 38 weeks.

Black woman pregnancy test

Mr D & Mrs D

After a discussion about ovulation, menstrual cycles and tips for conceiving my husband and I  found ourselves in the family way.

I would highly recommend it. 

Thank you, Kay. 

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