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Our Doula FAQs

Why hire a doula?

Conscious Mothers (CM) virtual and in-person holistic doula services provide the expectant birthing community with a skilled and personal touch to maternal support for expectant mothers and their families. Our mentoring and membership programmes offer professional skills, expertise and wisdom related to maternal health and well-being, helping you remain focused on your goals for this pregnancy and parenting experience. 

What does a CM doula do?

This unique pregnancy-to-mothering connection allows mothers to grow, nurture and evolve, so you feel confident every step of this journey. 

Our mentoring and doula services provide foresight and contribute to not making decisions in hindsight (under emotional duress) in real-time for your pending birth and postpartum journey. You work towards actionable personal goals based on what is happening in this pregnancy, your lifestyle and your surrounding environment, addressing thoughts, feelings and beliefs to support your informed choices and help protect your long-term physical and mental health.

Why? The latest Mbrrace-UK 2021 report highlights that "a proportion of birthing mothers are experiencing post-birth morbidities and mortality rates due to causes associated with their pregnancy". Our mothers benefit from letting knowledge, and their understanding of any limitations in this pregnancy be their guide. 


How will hiring a (CM) pregnancy mentor or doula benefit my pregnancy-parenting experience?

Our pregnancy mentors/doulas are skilled in keeping women/families focused on their mindset, their bodies, what they would like to achieve in this pregnancy and parenting experience, and helping to reduce adverse outcomes. 

Our results have proven that expectant mothers can birth healthy term babies (>37 weeks gestation) irrespective of 'risk factors' and offered reassurance to women and their family units as they move towards their pending birth stories.

Who is the CM mentoring or doula in London service for?

Is our service for you? Well, if you answer yes to the first question and any of the follow-ups, I would say it's worth scheduling a chat at least to make an informed decision and identify if we're the missing piece to your birthing experience and mothering journey.

  1.  Are you currently pregnant >16 weeks- 32 weeks?

  2.  Is this your second or more pregnancy?

  3.  Would you appreciate open communication channels,  a listening ear and guidance as you proceed in this pregnancy?

  4. Do you wish to consider all your pregnancy to birthing options based on your circumstances?

  5. Have you been labelled low or high-risk in this pregnancy and wish to outsource further support?

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

The current statistics report that 96%  of the birthing population in the UK give birth with the support of a Midwife by their side unless born before arrival or free-birthing. 

Midwives are clinically trained service providers with a BSc Hons Degree in Midwifery and would have delivered a minimum of 40 babies to qualify. 

They provide the biological, pharmaceutical and technological understanding and advancements to support the care and well-being of its birthing community and assist in diagnosing and treating biological health problems.

The term midwife means to be 'with women'. A practitioner's role is to provide continuity of care during the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal period (after birth and up to 14-28 days), assessing and delivering medical interventions if a decline in physical health is observed.

The term doula (pronounced do-ula) is considered a 'female servant'. Many professional doulas today would describe themselves as 'birth companions' or 'birth keepers'.

Doulas provide emotional and physical support to expectant mothers and birthing partners before and after birth. Services and experiences vary, which is one thing doulas and midwives have in common.

Most doulas provide 1 to 1 care at the time of birth and routinely visit the families on at least two occasions and hire them before birth. Conscious Mothers services are an exception to this rule, providing regular connection calls throughout pregnancy and up to six months after birth.

Conscious Mothers help expectant mothers navigate their maternal and emotional needs at a point when feelings of vulnerability can creep in, and a rational/ skilled perspective is required. We also provide support post-birth, guidance for all things new, sleepless nights, and nourishing and nurturing across the psychological healing process.

When should I hire a doula?

There is no right or wrong time. Consider this when booking our services. We've supported mothers in their first pregnancy, second and third—expectant mothers in their early gestational period and mothers in late trimesters.

I recommend that mothers reach out earlier rather than later, as anxiety, stress, and challenges across pregnancy can be reduced with early insight and understanding.

                                                                    We're with you all the way. 

Disclaimer: We're not a substitute for clinical monitoring or professional advice during this period (conception- up to 6 months post-birth) but an additional pair of eyes and ears supporting your well-being. 

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