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Postnatal Therapy

When reality knocks, who opens the door? Conscious Mothers Ltd, our postnatal sessions provide connection and support to help mothers find their mojo until 180 days postbirth.


We recognise you have nurtured your newborn in utero month after month, and now you are the one who needs nurturing.

Join us, and receive information and emotional support when you need it from the comfort of your digital device or home.

Baby sleeping

Session 01

Address your needs post-birth

We will focus on how to find the balance between your partner and your support network whilst acknowledging the needs of your postnatal needs and the needs of your newborn during this healing period.

Session 02

Finding Strength In Nourishment (Food & Hydration)

The work continues; if you've participated in previous sessions, I harp on the importance of nourishment and its relevance. Eating well is essential, especially in the immediate healing process. Find out how and why?

Mother bonding with her baby

Session 03

A Reminder Of Your Superpower

This session acknowledges that it's a time for reflection. It's a session focused on your superpower (to help reduce the risks of birth trauma or postnatal depression).


We will use this session to reflect on the hurdles you may have overcome and implement strategies to help you move forward in your mothering journey.

Session 04

How To Navigate The Milestones Ahead?

Mum, you've grown your baby from an egg (seed), committed to getting the optimal results your circumstances would allow, and now you are post-birth.

You're looking at the world through a new lens. This session requires a personal call to discuss any concerns that have arisen.

Take this opportunity to ask and outsource extra help so you can face your new world and pass on your birth story with a smile.

Happy Family
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