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Asian Pregnant Woman


Conscious Mothers provide holistic health informationwell-being guidance and in-person doula assistance to its culturally diverse pregnant and mothering community.

Our primary focus is to provide continuity and information throughout your trimesters. We offer women and their family unit opportunities to make informed choices and advocate their options as they transition in this pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum journey.

This service exists because you, your children, and their children may choose to become parents and wish to share their birth stories.

We implement strategies to make it a positive one!


Our mission is to provide well-being services for expectant mothers and their families as they become mothers and parents.

Our perinatal services focus on improving the maternal-to-motherhood experience from the reproductive journey to a maximum of 180 days postpartum to help reduce long-term physical and mental health risks.

We help families get off to their best start, firstly acknowledging their emotional needs (taking a woman-centred approach).  Secondly, empowering mothers as they keep a watchful eye on their pregnancy, mindset for birth and its symptoms (utilising our experience working within communities and our expertise to help reduce risks and interventions.

Conscious Mothers

Perinatal Doula Services

Location: London

Contact Name: Kay

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