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Mother and Daughter


At Conscious Mothers, we support mothers as they become mothers and mothers again, and we help women reach their breakthroughs during this pregnancy experience.

We believe in the power of holistic health and well-being guidance for pregnant mothers and their mothering journey.

We utilise our online presence and in-person doula assistance to support your mind, body and soul as you transition from the pregnancy community into a mother. We also provide a listening ears service as you navigate your maternal experience.

Our forward-thinking approach to maternal wellness in the UK provides continuity and information throughout trimesters, helping to improve perinatal outcomes for mothers and their newborns.

We offer women and their family unit opportunities to make informed choices and advocate their needs as they transition in this pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum journey.

Our service bridges the maternal literacy gap to support all birthing communities and provide much-needed focus on this pregnancy and parenting experience.

We implement strategies to make this experience a positive one!


Our mission is to positively impact over 5,000+ birth experiences by providing holistic mentoring and doula services for expectant mothers and their families as they become mothers and parents.

Our perinatal services focus on supporting women through their reproductive journey to a maximum of 180 days postpartum to help reduce long-term physical and mental health risks too often experienced by mothers and their infants.

We help families get off to their best start, firstly acknowledging their emotional needs and secondly enabling mothers as they keep a watchful eye on their pregnancy and mindset for birth. We utilise our skills and experience working with communities, and as a result, our expertise helps reduce risks and interventions.

Conscious Mothers

Perinatal Doula Services

Location: London

Contact Name: Kay

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