Conscious Mothers opened its online presence to its culturally diverse community

November 2021.

This service exists because you, our children, and their children may choose to become parents and require access to maternal well-being services that provide continuous connection in their pregnancy and seek solutions that address individual pain points across the mothering transition. 


Our primary focus is to provide tailored information, offering women and their family unit opportunities to make informed choices as they transition in this pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum journey.

The Conscious  Mothers Org brand facilitates the emotional well-being of parents-to-be and their newborns here in the UK and overseas to help increase the probability of improved birthing outcomes and reduce the risk of reproductive trauma and postnatal depression through either our services or signposting when necessary.



Meet Our Connections

Conscious Mothers Mission

Our mission is to support expectant mothers and their families to become mothers and parents.

I'm obsessed with improving the maternal experience from the reproductive journey to a maximum of 40 days postpartum to help reduce long-term physical and mental health risks.

I help families get off to their best start, firstly acknowledging their emotional needs (taking a person-centred approach). Empowering mothers on how they can keep a watchful eye (utilising my experience in communities and clinical expertise in anatomy and physiology) to help reduce risks and interventions.