Antenatal Education: Let's Get Straight To The Point.

Updated: Nov 21

Have you just found out you're expecting? If you’ve previously had a baby, you may recall the next 36-38 weeks being a journey of emotional ups and downs, highs and lows. The journey to being a parent will have its tests but none too big to overcome with the proper support.

This process from pregnancy to birth to holding your newborn baby isn’t linear; it can be one hormonal roller coaster: it is paramount that the mind and body align to help reduce its risks.

If you are a first-time mother, you may or may not know there are extra support services to help you navigate the next four trimesters.

The decisions you make across this gestational period will no doubt impact your birth experience and your transition into parenting.

It’s important to remember this journey begins with you, and you're not alone.

When preparing for birthing a baby and becoming a parent, the role of the ‘birthing partner’ tends to fall on the father, but that is not always the case; some expectant mothers seek the support of a family member or friend.

Carefully consider who will be your birth partner and your support network as you proceed along this experience. Preparing yourself and your support network with the necessary tools to support you and your unborn baby through this process helps you to make decisions by choice and not chance.

Becoming a parent is a lifestyle transition here are four key areas of focus you are not told across antenatal birth classes:

  1. Learn the required disciplines regarding what you want Vs what you need.

  2. Up-skill your level of communication between you and your birth partner.

  3. Strengthen your relationship with yourself, your birth partner and your support network.

  4. Building resilience will help you navigate the external environmental factors out of your control.

Pregnancy-parenting is one of the leading causes of anxiety or depression in expectant parents. Seek support early; it’s important to remember you will eventually be taking your birth partner into your birthing room. Plan and prepare by including your better birth experience by having your birth partner learn and embrace the journey.

The NHS offer free groups and antenatal education classes. In 2022, some mothers report this as being held virtually or in a hospital trust; they are free and often offered to first-time mums.

Three key takeaways to consider:

  • Services vary across Cities and Hospital Trusts.

  • Sessions will cover the basics for birth and beyond, e.g. labour and delivery, pain relief options and routine postnatal care/visits.

  • When antenatal education is location-based expectant mothers should consider, i.e. their availability, childcare, travel etc.

Conscious Mothers and My Birthing Pal believe birthing partners are the most valid people in the birthing process. Aiming to achieve physiological labour and birth is a commitment; both parties should be on the same page regarding what it entails.

An expectant mother will always benefit from a person in the birthing room that supports the labouring mother to feel at ease and trust her maternal intuition. Someone present must have the knowledge that serves the labouring mother and baby’s interests at birth.

Birth in balance requires the hormone oxytocin, released from the brain and transported through the bloodstream to the vital organs for help in labouring.

When too little oxytocin is present during delivery, women seek alternative methods to help manage their pain threshold and progress in labour. It can lead to more interventions and possible deviation from a mother's birth plan.

It is the responsibility of the expectant mother and her chosen birthing partner to outsource further antenatal education services that will support the journey you are on, whether this is her first or third birth. Every pregnancy and labouring experience is different, and the more knowledge and awareness you have aligned with your actual self-awareness needs, the more euphoric the experience will be.

If you have reached this point of this blog post and are ready to commit to further support for you and your birth partner in this pregnancy journey. Visit, which has created an online short course at the participant's pace.

Don’t forget to request the CONSCIOUS MOTHERS DISCOUNT CODE when purchasing services from My Birthing Pal.

Conscious Mothers aim to help improve the perinatal mental outcomes related to the parenting experience.

Best wishes to all xX


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