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STOP! Burnout Surfacing In Your Motherhood Experience.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Reclaim Your Life After Giving Birth.

We all know choosing to start or expand our family unit is a long-term commitment and for the most part brings so many joys into your life, but many don’t appear to recognise just how tiring and demanding motherhood can be until it's too late.

Being pregnant, giving birth and eventually caring for your newborn is work and can be exhausting without planning and practice and it may leave you unwilling to engage in many of the activities you once enjoyed pre-pregnancy.

If you find yourself lacking the energy to socialise, know that this is completely okay and you are under no pressure to get yourself back into your previous routine straight away. You are finding your new rhythm, a pace that works for you and your immediate unit.

You may feel distant from your friends or family while looking after your baby. Finding

yourself constantly busy and feeling guilty for any alone time can be draining. Perhaps you

just don’t feel up to a big day out or even a small visit with friends? This is to be expected

and you shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to spend your free time resting or doing something you enjoy.

However, if you find yourself itching to socialise again, know there are many options for you

that means you can still keep the baby close by while enjoying yourself as well.

New parent and baby groups are a great place to socialise with other parents in the same

situation as you. Perhaps your friends don’t fully understand the responsibility of

parenthood or want to go out and do things you just aren’t able to yet.

Engaging with other new parents will help fill your social meter without the added stress.

Creating new friends may feel daunting, but you will be thankful later down the line when

you have other parents in your support network.

You should also consider that you are allowed to go and enjoy all the activities you loved

pre-parenthood. Partners and relatives may well be more than happy to help with childcare

if you want to spend some free time with your friends.

However, if you feel you don’t want to separate yourself from your baby, try asking your

friends to visit you. Being in a safe, comfortable environment may be the best place to ease

yourself back into your social life at your own pace.

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